Comedy vs. Tragedy is a variety competition show in Portland, Oregon. NovaPDX has produced the show since September 2017.


Comedy vs. Tragedy #18

On Friday, August 16th, join us for a new format of our show.
Each month a poet, a musician & a comedian will still vie for audience applause, now at the Rocking Frog Cafe.

The show is now all ages!

Sixteen times 3 poets, 3 musicians and 3 comedians have competed for audience applause to determine which of them would represent their art form in the final round of Comedy vs. Tragedy every first Friday. Since September of 2017 we have provided a stage for over 140 performers, handed out $4,000 in prizes and sent performers to record their work at Shady Pines Media. It’s been a blast! To make the show more fun and accessible we are changing the format and venue starting in July.

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last show PERFORMERS & prize winners

Congratulations to our last show winner Morgan Paige!

Comedy vs. Tragedy #17


Comedy vs. Tragedy 16

Congratulations to our finalists: Desmond Spann (poet, 1st place), Amber Russell (musician, 2nd place) and Elizabeth Teets (comedian, 3rd place).


Comedy vs. Tragedy 15

Congratulations to our finalists: DeAngelo Gillispie (poet, 1st place), Sunny Pache (musician, 2nd place) and Nariko Ott (comedian, 3rd place).


Comedy vs. Tragedy 14

Congratulations to our finalists: Trill LeBeau (musician, 1st place), Chris Gonzalez (poet, 2nd place) and Lydia Manning (comedian, 3rd place).


Comedy vs. Tragedy 13

Congratulations to our finalists: Micah Fletcher (poet, 1st place), Trent Toney (musician, 2nd place) and Ben Levy (comedian, 3rd place).


Comedy vs. Tragedy 12

Congratulations to our finalists: A Strange Bird (musician, 1st place), Corina Lucas (comedian, 2nd place) and Red O’Hare (poet, 3rd place).


Comedy vs. Tragedy 11

Congratulations to our finalists: Luke Anthony (musician, 1st place), Jane Belinda (poet, 2nd place) and Shrista Tyree (comedian, 3rd place).



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