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If you are here you’d like to participate in one of our shows. Please fill out the form on this page to get on the wait list of performers. We will review your information and email you if you are selected to participate in one of our events. Please make sure to include links to your work online, so we can get a chance to see and/or hear your work.

Thank you!


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Let us know what pronouns you use—they/them, she/her, he/him—so we use the correct ones!
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Phone Number
Please enter your phone number so that show organizers can contact you in case of emergency.
Enter your stage name if you'd like to be introduced as that name instead your first and last name.
Please enter a short 100 word bio, we will be using it in web and social media promotions. Please make sure you fill out the fields below for your web and social media presence so we can promote your work.
Please enter a link to your press photo for us to use in promotional materials for shows. If you don't have a link to your photo you can always email us the file to—just put "will email" in this field.
Enter a link to your artist Facebook page if you have one so we can let people know how to find your work.
If you have an instagram account for your art please enter it here.
Please let us know when you are available to perform. Comedy vs. Tragedy shows happen every third Friday of the month at 7:30PM (Stage Call 6:15PM). The Verse Showcase happens every first Friday of the month at 7:30PM.
Would you like to be on a short notice wait list?
Sometimes our performers can't make it to the show. Things happen. Life happens. When that happens we look for substitutes that are available to perform on short notice. Check the option to be on that list.
Let us know if you have performed at one of our events before!
We'd love to know how you found out about NovaPDX events.